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Howdy, my name is Robin. I am a native of Montana, and a lover of surfing, biking, climbing and adventure. My adventure partner in crime Abe and I are in the planning stage of an an exciting bike-n-surf trip and would really appreciate any advice, or material support from anyone who  shares a similar spirit of adventure. We expect a significant following on this adventure Blog, and would be happy to generate hype around you or you company’s products or services. Your support is truly appreciated, and I cant thank you enough for keeping the spirit of adventure alive. If you are interested in getting involved, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Robin Hill (406) 209-3204,

Abe Greenspan (775) 544-9805


7 thoughts on “Contact us!

  1. hello abe and robin: snow and rain here last night and 29 F this am. abe, i am standing in my normal position as i write this (no hands) and am wishing you guys all the best on your adventure.

    doug skjonsby

  2. Met you both at the Pacific Beach Ale House yesterday. We told you about a place outside of Todo Santo’s. Here is the website for the hotel If you make it there say hi to Andy, the manager, for us. Good luck and have an awesome, safe trip!!
    Betsy and John Latz
    Manhattan Beach, CA

  3. Great blog guys!!! Much appreciate being featured on your pic of the day! Hope you had a good rest and a chance to party in Cabo!!! Safe travels on the rest of the trip.
    Emma (Calgary girls from Cerritos beach)

  4. Hey guys, we met on the road while we were riding on our SEEQ Bike trip with the girls, and I found your business card today after trying to find your info for a while!

    Here we are, connected, I just watched your videos. pretty rad! It makes me want to hit the road again, and not stay at the same place more than a week ahah!

    Have fun guys, and my house is open if you still want to come for a visit in whistler and shred some pow!

    See you on the road,


    • Hey Quentin,
      good to hear from you! I hope the rest of your ride was super fun!Its too bad Abe and I couldn’t keep up with you guys, it would have been fun to ride for a couple more days, ha ha! We just might take you up on the Whistler offer sometime!! Keep in touch

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