About the Ride

In September 2011, fellow surf stylist and adventure extraordinaire, Abe Greenspan and my self (Robin Hill) will embark on an epic 3 month adventure, biking down the pacific coast surfing in Baja Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This trip is inspired by a love for adventure, and a humble appreciation for the ocean and a simple life on the road. This trip is sure to inspire good laughs, sunburns, dirt roads, big waves, bug bites, lots of rice & beans, sore knees, harmonicas, and many killer stories, in which we will share on this blog! During our trip we will keep you up to date with pictures, videos and stories and hope to inspire the following comments, “stellar, nectar, killer, rictor, epic, gnar, sweet, word, pumped, blower, shacked, crusher, ill and ohhhhhhhh”. In the meantime, we will keep you posted with updates on our trip planning, and any nuggets of adventure that come our way between now and then! Hope to keep you (stoked not bummed), (off the couch instead of on it), (outside instead of inside), (laughing instead of sad), (climbing not falling), (partying not sleeping) and (loving not hating)

Chee Pono!



One thought on “About the Ride

  1. Great plan and killer website you guys have put together. Abe, I’m teaching for the year in Honduras so you guys have a place to crash if you want to check out what it is like in the mountains of Honduras. Were in Gracias Lempira Honduras which is at the foot of the highest mountain in central America. No waves but we’ve got great coffe, a rich culture, and some amazing views. I look forward to keeping up to date on the blog.

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