3 thoughts on “Abe

  1. Hi Buddy,
    Amazing website! How have you had time to make it all pro while on your trip?!
    We miss you and have thought of you often. Have tons more fun and keep us posted.
    Kimmie and Millie

    Dave says to check the bikes out daily and call if you need any help.
    Pat wants to know when the bike and snowboard trip is gonna happen.
    Bryan says the video is good and he is looking forward to the next posting. He also wants to know how you legs are feeling!

  2. Hi Abe, what a incredible journey so far. I have been following you all and enjoying your adventure. I thought I better say something before you enter Mexico. I will be looking forward to your blogs.
    The weather here has been wonderful, but morning are getting into the 20s. There talk that November will bring in the storms…they are sliding at Boral today & weekend. Well hang loose on your board and take care.
    Phil Wash

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