Don’t eat Mexican Soup at 6 AM before Biking!

In La Paz, Abe and I were determined to go out on the town and party on a Saturday Night. The plan was to get tacos, drink beers, watch a boxing match, and stay up until midnight flirting with some cute local girls. We were well on our way; eating tacos and drinking beers at 7:30 PM, when we hit the wall! Shoot, in bed at 8:00 PM. Unfortunately, this bike and surf thing has gotten us into the habit of falling asleep as soon as the lights go out. Luckily, this habit also gets us up at the crack of dawn for big waves and fresh pavement (OK not super fresh pavement when your ridding on dirt….less big trucks maybe). In any case, we left La Paz for Todo Santos nice and early after I had a big cup of Menundo (Mystery Mexican soup). This soup did not sit super well, and I was dragging super slow on my bike. To my disadvantage Abe had 8 cups of coffee and was like, “Bob, lets pick up the pace!” So, when he wasn’t looking I let a bunch of air out of his tires and we were back on the same pace. ha ha

After a full day of ridding, we made our way to the final surf destination of our trip, (Playa Cerritos). Our friend Matt, suggested that we stay at his surf hostel, Los Cardonnes (300 yards from bed to barrels). We arrived to find Matt’s parents Mike and Maureen working full force to finish the place. We landed a job helping with construction in return for a free stay in a nice palopa on their property! Every day after a surf sesh, we would come back and help for a couple hours. I was assigned to collect garbage and stack cinderblocks, while abe was assigned to design the control panel for the solar power electrical system, and offer technical advice on the benefits of an external pluming system. Who knew that Abe was a construction genius. Sucks to be me on the bottom of the todum pole. For example, one night, they even made Abe the hotel manager, collecting money and introducing guests into their rooms. WTF. I didn’t want to be manager anyway. Instead, while Abe was managing the resort, I went surfing, getting the nastiest barrels Mexico has ever seen. Just kidding, but seriously! Three days later, with killer sun burns and blond hair, Abe and I bid our Mexico Resort careers farewell and hit the road, for a super chill 40 miles to Cabo. Unfortunately, the ride was not chill at all. With terrible road construction, we sucked in dirt from mad truck drivers for 6 hours under the blazing hot sun. Not Stoked! Soon the stoke returned as we arrived to the glory of Cabo San Lucas. I will let Abe go into more detail in a future post, but here is a quick gimpse. ha ha




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