Reflecting on our journey thus far, we have encountered many amazing people. Whether friends of friends, or new friends all together, the people surrounding us have truly propelled us down the road. In a way these people have come into our lives just at the right time and place when we have needed them the most. Early in our journey we were introduced to the term “Synchronicity” and have found it quite appropriate to describe the interconnected, and slightly haphazard, coincidences that keep falling into place on our trip. Here are several examples:

Mike and Lisa Hutton

After leaving my Uncle’s place in Long Beach, we ventured into Seal Beach, where thought we had a place to stay. Unfortunately, the time share we had in mind, was occupied, leaving us stranded. To my surprise, it just so happened our Tahoe friend Lance Dutton, (One of the best people I know) had a place in Seal Beach. After several phone calls, we found ourselves in the company of Mike and Lisa Hutton. During our several day vortex in Seal Beach, we went paddle boarding around Treasure Island with Mike, enjoyed Lisa’s famous tacos, and watched some of the world series with them  both. Thank you Mike and Lisa, you guys are really amazing and generous people!!

Park City Bob

After a hectic bike ride from Seal Beach to Dana Point, we arrived at a campground in Ensenedas, thirsty and without groceries. Before we could get off our bikes, and man walked up and handed us beers, “Gentlemen, you look like you could use these”. After chatting with Bob, we realized that his wife graduated from Westminster College, where both Abe and I went to school. Bob also happened to be a Park City resident, where Abe and I spent many years snowboarding. It so happens that Bob knew some our good friends including The Wintzers and the Slettas who also live in Park City. Our crazy connections lead to a dinner invitation and more drinks at Bob’s trailer overlooking the Ocean. Thanks Bob!!

B and L Bikes.

After Leaving Ensenedas, we put together a pre-Mexico to do list. One of the most daunting tasks was to find 4 new shifters to replace our sets, which were ready to deteriorate. Worried that we were about to splurge hundreds of dollars on new shifters, we stopped at the first bike shop we passed. Walking into B and L bikes, we immediately knew we were in the right place. The friendly and knowledgeable crew were really interested in our trip, and graciously donated four shifters to our cause!! Thanks guys!

Psychedelic Ryan

Probably the most incredible synchronicity of the whole trip has been our encounters with Ryan the Psychedelic Warrior. If you remember, we first met Ryan in Monterrey, where raccoons broke into his weed stash. Throughout the last 500 miles, we keep running into Ryan in various places. In Malibu, it so happened that he showed up into our camp spot after a full week of absence. Blessed by Ryan’s tales of metaphysical journeys, and vast knowledge of obscure and interesting subjects, we were sad to bid Ryan fairwell, expecting to lose him in the chaos of LA and San Diego. Today while staying with our friends Dustin and Val in Dan Diego, Abe and I ventured to who knows where to a Best Buy for  some camera equipment. On our way home, we became even more disoriented in an effort to say hi to Abe’s buddy Russ. In the midst of 3 million people living in San Diego, on an obscure neighborhood street, we look up to see…..none other than Psychedelic Ryan on his way to Mexico!!! WTF. Wow! “I can not believe we ran into you again” I said. Given that Ryan introduced us to the term, “Synchronicity”, his response did not surprise us. “It does not surprise me at all” Ryan exclaimed. “This world is full of beautiful coincidences”! Thanks Ryan for your Wisdom, good luck on your journey and hope to see you soon!!

Flooded with encouraging words of support from our friends and family across the world, we journey into Baja tomorrow morning. We are stoked and fully loaded with fresh bike parts sent express from Tahoe Sports LTD (Thanks Arron, Bryan, Patrick, Kyle, Eric and the Whole Crew…PS The Mexican Flag painted on our bike tires is sure to be a winner with the cronistas!) Keep posted as we journey into Mexico! And as always, thanks for your support, we could not do it with out you!


2 thoughts on “Synchronicity!

  1. Such a wonderful post dudes!!! I fly out tonight at 10pm, first stop munich then Pisa, Italy!! 🙂 Cannot wait to read more and to tell you guys all about my new adventures. Much love and I’ve fallen in love in with the term Synchronicity. MWAH!!!!

  2. synchronicity, may it be in abundance with my chickadees..enjoy the ride I will assume the view has improved since I-5 …was that Bob’s last US meal, an I-5 chzburger? Pyschadelic Ryan may well be your adventure angel 🙂 ! I’m headed to Washington(Dad) to then to Scottsdale(retreat to improve my Ohmm) …Big LOVE
    Momma Kim

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