Part 2: San Fran to LA

Chillin here in the LBC with my Dad and my Uncle Jeff, I have had the opportunity to catch up on some world news, read some books, and kick it in a very nice hot tub. Thanks Jeff for letting us crash at your place; you are the best. In his down time, Abe was able to put together a really cool vid from the last part of our trip. Check it out and stay posted, for updates as we near the border and beyond. Nos Vemos!


3 thoughts on “Part 2: San Fran to LA

  1. Hell ya braski’s. Just one question where is the surf footage or some girls. I know Robin is good at picking up tree bebe’s? Get on it!

  2. Hey. You guys. Have more fun already.

    I know those places from this last post real well 🙂 Hope you didn’t blacken your lungs too much through LA. I hear the trick is not to breathe.

    Just had a monster day of soup at Montara. Ice Cream headache and all. Sure you don’t wanna head back Robin? Looking forward to the stories as the water gets warmer…

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