The Climb to Mount Olympus!

Leaving the wonderful hospitality of Vick’s place, we dove into Southern California, where we were immediately engulfed by traffic, warmer surfing conditions and the So-Cal Vibe. Although the surf was small, Abe and I continued our 10 day surfing streak in Ocean Dunes, and Ventura Beach, and Zuma Beach, while riding almost 50 miles per day. Today was an especially memorable day, given that it was Typhoon and Lance’s Last day. We peddled from Malibu, through Venice Beach, all the way to Mount Olympus (Palos Verdes). Chanel warned us that we were going to encounter a brutal hill at the end of our 50 mile day, but I was not prepared for this!! Powering through the fog, we found ourselves in our lowest gears, amidst equestrians, nice cars, and golfers, sweating profusely. Refusing to give up on our last day, I dumped an entire bottle of water on my head, and made the push all the way to Zeus’ Palace on the very pinnacle of the tallest hill within eyesight of LA. Zeus (Chanel’s Dad Slick Rick) met us with open arms and led us to the heavenly palace overlooking a sea of clouds perfectly illuminated by the setting sun. Within the palace grounds, we ate a heavenly feast, took showers, and stewed upon memories of broken spokes, crashing waves, and unforgettable adventures. We are going to be in LA for a couple of days, so stay posted for further updates!!!


One thought on “The Climb to Mount Olympus!

  1. Yiggity Yiggity Yo!!! You are guys are hauling ASS!!!! Spoke with the bro today, glad to hear you guys are taking a break. Chanel, your a champ because I know you kicked everyones butt riding. Well, lemme know when you leave for MEXICO. P.s. here’s the website for the new boat She’s a beauty!!!!!! See you guys on the other side. Much Love.

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