Seriously…… Big Sur was BIG! In more ways than one, we experienced this incredible chunk of undeveloped coastline in a very BIG way! We left Lance and Sharon after an amazing dinner party culminating in the most incredible massage I have ever had from Abe’s cute Santa Cruz friend Jackie. It was very well appreciated given the beat down I received while surfing at Moss landing the following day. After surfing, we continued to Monterey, where we had a very entertaining night. At Veteran’s Memorial Camp Ground, Abe spilt an entire 24 ounces of beer in his tent on Chanel, and we met a witty dreadlocked guy named Ryan who introduced himself as the Psychedelic Warrior. With distain for authority, Ryan struggled to leave the campground in the morning without paying his dues. Unfortunately, the raccoons got into his weed, slowing down his exit. As the ranger approached, Ryan began frantically stuffing his tent into his bag, before…..Shoot, busted!! Unfortunately, Ryan had to pay; however, we were excited to hear about his plans to take mushrooms and sneak into Esalen (an exclusive, high-end spa and research institute in Big Sur). As Ryan began his BIG rampage against the man, our band of rowdy bike bandits entered Big Sur to experience a BIG adventure of our own! Here is a series of brief tales, which help depict the bigness our epic adventure.

Big Hills

After leaving the small town of Carmel, we began to climb into Big Sur, known for big hills. With blowing 30 mile an hour tailwinds, we ascended one of many 1000- foot climbs. ¾ of the way up the grinding hill, we encountered a guy heaving a giant shopping cart. With his bright blond mullet blowing in the wind, Dusty Dave struggled up the hill to the pull out, where we had a very interesting conversation. After introducing me to his cat “Pork Chop”, sleeping in the middle layer of the shopping cart, Dusty Dave told me about his journey. “I used to have a wheel barrow, but it broke down, so I found this shopping cart”. “How do you like the cart so far?” I asked. “Four wheels…ball bearings…its fast as hell!!” he said. Wishing Dave the best of luck, we continued on to our next camp at Andrew Molera State Park.

Big Waves

Our surfer extraordinaire friend Justin warned as we left for Big Sur that the swell might be too BIG for us to surf. “There is one spot that might be good for you guys. Check out Andrew Molera State Park.” After cranking 30 miles past Dusty Dave, we road our bikes down a sketchy dirt road to Andrew Molera. Hearing the thunderous roar of crashing waves coming from the near by beach, we set up a shitty camp, because we were nervous as hell. After getting up our courage, we ventured down a small path to the beach, where we where blown away by BIG, BIG, swell. We sat and watched crashing barrels torment the coastline for a good twenty minutes before entering the abyss. Honestly, this could have been the most violent ocean experience I have had so far. Luckily, Abe and I where on the same page, surfing 3 to 4 waves, and exiting quickly and unharmed! “Wow, that was BIG!”

Big Appetite

We continued out of Andrew Molera after having another encounter with BIG raccoons that got into Abe’s coffee. He was not stoked! (Seriously, if you know Abe, you will know that you don’t mess with his coffee.) After a grueling 50 miles overlooking incredible views of surferless 20 foot waves, we reached Jade Cove for lunch. Our BIG appetite inspired a brilliant food concoction that, to my knowledge, has never been created. The quadruple decker, peanut butter, raisin, cream cheese, walnut, banana, jelly, and apple cobbler sandwich, hit me about as hard as a 20 foot wave, so we decided to camp just a mile down the road!

Big Tan lines

We left early Jade cove, anticipating a super hot day. We climbed the last of the 1000 foot hills, watched the sun come up over the glassy ocean, and stopped for a surf session in San Simeon just as we exited Big Sur. After getting electrolighted up, we endured some hot sun and cranked to Morro Bay for the night. The Bigness of Big Sur, was evident in the tan line found on my legs. Currently, we are posted up at Vic Hyde’s place in Arroyo Grande, experiencing the BIGness of generosity found by some folks we met in Big Sur. Check it out!! Stay posted for surf and bike stories as we continue south! Hasta Pronto!



3 thoughts on “BIG BIG Sur

  1. Dudes & Dudette!
    Can’t wait for you guys to make it down south to North County San Diego!! Once you get through the blur & smog that is L.A., you’re gonna love the coastline of No. County! Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff-By-The-Sea, Solana Beach, and my town, Del Mar! I face the ocean! I’ll tell you the best surf breaks & taco shops. Loving your blog & adventures! It’s amazing what y’all are doing. Very inspiring!

    Best wishes, stay SAFE!! Surf’s up! You just missed the amazing bioluminesence we had at night from a red tide algae bloom a couple weeks straight. RIDE ON!!


  2. Hi guys,

    I have been following your blog daily after reading about your adventure in Lloyd’s Blog.

    I am excited for you. What a great adventure and best done when you are young. I am looking forward to reading more especially when you get south of the border.

    Good luck!


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