900 miles and counting!

Tomorrow we head out again to complete our 9 to 5 shifts for the week. Our Stay with The Tolaio’s has been more than a dream  Our spirits have all rose and we are ready to pedal! We plan on cruising through the remainder of the Monterey  Bay in the morning. The waves are suppose to pick up tomorrow, hopefully giving us a few good waves. After a quick visit to the world famous Aquarium we will be ready to call it a day. The next few days should be beautiful as we ride through Big Sur. Lots of climbing and descending to come! I have been reading the comments that people have been writing. Thank you to everyone for the support. It keeps us going! We will continue to ride down the CA 1. Anytime anyone wants to ride for a mile, for a day, or for a week it is welcome. Don’t just talk about it, DO IT! In life dreams are important but making it happen is everything.

See you soon Friends



3 thoughts on “900 miles and counting!

  1. Dear Abe and Bob,
    I genuinely just LOVE your spirits and the adventure that you guys have inside. This bohemith excursion sounds as equally challenging as it is amazing, and I could not be more stoked for you guys. Thank you so very much for putting this blog up and keeping us updated (i’m living vicariously through you). Keep killin it out there and enjoy this epic adventure. Hope the waves are good and the roads are smooth… Can’t wait to read more. Peace dudes!!

  2. So stoked to hear all about your journey guys! I hope you enjoy some awesome surf and sights along the way. That’s gotta be the best way to travel the coast, seeing all the breaks along the way and having the freedom to stop and surf wherever you want. Keep the updates and stories flowing!

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