Surfing the Storm!

We left Mendocino, picking up a second stowaway, (Typhoon, AKA my Dad, Tyler). We came up with the name, because of his explosive style, both on the bike and off the bike. Huffing and puffing, Abe and I watch Typhoon with his oversized bob trailer tucking up and down steep hills, raiding fresh veggies from roadside farms, and skiing down any sand dune within eyesight. He has been an incredible asset, accumulating all sorts of free gear (from a leatherman at a campsite to free bread at a bakery) and cooking delicious meals for our gang of wily bike bandits.

The following 3 days of biking on highway one, were difficult, because of the incessant fog, and heavy rain! Although morale was slightly lower than normal due to damp sleeping bags and stinky wet socks, we knew that the storm was bringing big surf. After a windy steep ride, we stopped short of Point Arena at Manchester State beach, to find off shore winds and curling waves with no people. Abe and I enjoyed 5 to 6 foot waves all afternoon, before going back to shore and enduring another night of rain. About 5 AM the next morning, I hear Abe yelling at me from outside the tent. “Bob, let’s go surf”. In complete darkness, we threw our boards on our bikes and strolled through the rain down to the beach. The swell picked up over night, and we could barely see the waves from the shore, because of fog and low light. It could not have been a scarier sight; no other surfers, and loud crashing waves that we couldn’t see. We dove in, immediately ducking waves. Losing sight of Abe, I struggled under a set of 10-12 foot faces to get to the outside. After several minutes with no sight of Abe, I finally saw him emerge from the whitewash with a big smile on his face. First barrel of the trip: stoked!!!

The following day, we passed through Bodega Bay, cooking lunch in a laundry mat, eating fresh salt water taffy (oxymoron?) and chatting with a local surf legend, Bob from Bodega Bay Surf Shack. Bob hit us with some stellar advice to check out Dillon Beach, 7 miles off the highway 1 for some good surf. “Be careful bros!” Bob suggested, “The camping is exposed and a nasty storm is dropping in fast”. After battling one of the steepest hills of the trip, we rolled into Dillon Beach just in time to set up camp and weather the nastiest storm I have experienced in a tent. I did not sleep the entire night, as sheets of rain attacked our tents with 50 mile an hour winds. At points, the wind hit so hard, the top tent poles almost flexed to the ground. If the tent exploded, I was ready to bail for a nearby RV and pray for a spot on their floor. Luckily, the tent did not explode and we woke up to a glorious sunny morning with cows grazing outside our tent. Unfortunately, I stepped barefoot into a giant cow pie as I exited the tent to enjoy the morning sun. “Shit” (Literally)!

After two days of surf at Dillon Beach, we cruised through Point Reyes National Preserve, eating raw oysters, and enjoying views of giant elk in the park. We continued on through Point Reyes station and into the Samuel P. Taylor state park, where we rode on a mossy bike trail through redwood groves. Closing in on the Bay area, we entered neighborhoods in the evening and made it to Sausalito. From here we veered off through a tunnel into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We had reservations for a camp spot, but we arrived in the dark, and did not have the energy to find the ranger station. We cruised up an old service road to find ourselves on an abandoned bluff looking down on the most beautiful view of the ocean under the stars.

The next day, we moved through San Fran, surfing killer waves at Ocean Beach, before Abe got cut in the face with his fin. Fortunately, he did not need stitches and we moved over the hill to Half Moon Bay, after a scary ride over Devil’s Slide. Yesterday we left Half Moon Bay, getting killer surf at Waddell Creek, and eating an absurd amount of strawberries at Swanton Strawberry Farms.

Currently, we are staying at the coolest spot, just south of Santa Cruz and Abe’s buddy Lance’s place. Over the last twenty years, Lance has hand crafted his beautiful house out of red wood trees found on his property. We were fortunate to have an invitation to stay in the bungalows on his property, and are enjoying a hot tub, and some sunny weather!! Thank you Lance and Sharon for your amazing hospitality!! We are off the surf Manresa state beach, so I got to go. Thanks for staying posted and get outside for some fun in the sun!!


2 thoughts on “Surfing the Storm!

  1. Lance’s is beautiful.
    I can’t believe you guys got to ride over the golden gate bridge. That’s so cool.
    Your storm story reminds me of the night that I was woken up in my tent in the middle of a snow storm in North Dakota by some people INSISTING that i come into their RV and sleep in their spare, king size bed.
    What a killer crew you have!
    The surf sounds like Punta de Lobos, amigos.

  2. You guys are amazing!
    It was such a treat to come spend time with you last night…that house and property is outrageous! Glad that your bodies are holding up so well and that Chanel is able to handle your nonsense 🙂 don’t forget to do your exercises and I hope your bodies woke up singing after all that body work!

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