Day 9: Eureka

Only a week into our ride and both Robin and I have experienced more in terms of emotions then we both expected, that’s for sure! On Friday we rolled into Arcata to meet a good friend of mine. Justin had promised great un-crowded surf. He on the other hand didn’t promise warmth. Justin is a very close friend of mine. As a young Tahoe local Justin was always sneaking away to the coast to surf. Justin is a very passionate surfer always finding and ripping the most un-crowded waves. Spending years in Santa Cruz, Justin also started acquiring horticulture skills. He began to find these skills very profitable. Living in a saturated market and needing a change in lifestyle He packed his things and moved up to Arcata. With endless opportunities for work and surf Justin has found home.  I knew we were in for a treat but also some very scary surf.

As we neared the coast on highway 36 the vibe began to change almost as much as the scenery. The nothingness that we had experienced for the last one-hundred and thirty miles started to end. Robin and I started receiving weird vibes while biking. The land started to become more private and people really didn’t like seeing us rolling on our bicycles so slow past there “secret stashes”. There were people who also didn’t look like they belonged, who I highly suspected were looking for these giant plantations. Helicopters were circling overhead while numerous government vehicles speed by as we climbed hill after hill at a heart stopping pace of just three miles per hour. We could sense the California Green Rush was on! The time for all of these farmers was now. With rain coming in the near future there was quiet buzz everywhere.

Robin and I had used every ounce of energy we had, each and every day for the last 6 days. Consuming amounts of food that, before this trip, I wouldn’t believe possible. Robin and I started to get into rhythm, riding becomes second nature and camping goes from this scary “where are we going to camp?- to- check this cutty dirt road out, it’s gonna be awesome!” We settle down at night and Robin is instantly cooking up to-die-for meals. I on the other hand can barely move and drag my worked body to my repair kit and either work on Robin’s or my bike. I have realized the importance of checking our gear daily. We ride at a mind numbing pace uphill but riding downhill is a totally different feeling. The Surly bikes connected to the Bob trailers perform amazing. We have kept our speeds down, riding around thirty-five miles per hour on the steep down-hills. Cornering and handling of the rigs has taken some getting used to but the we are both stoked on the overall feel. With so many racks, quick-releases, screws and nuts, I have made the promise to myself and Robin that checking and tightening become habit.

As we continued to ride down the steep and narrow winding roads route 36 threw at us, the weird vibe just kept getting more wild! Robin was whipping through the corners of an exciting descent. As the end of the hill came into site Robin noticed an incredible swimming hole in snaking Trinity River below. An easy to reach pullout with a parking lot followed and without hesitation we bumped our way down towards the river. After furkeling around for a good amount of time, Robin and I had our lunch ready to take down to the river. As we walked our tired bodies down to the emerald pools we joked about the challenging past few days. After setting our belongings down on nearly sandy beach we both dove into the beautiful pool without hesitation. The water was cold and refreshing. After days without seeing water, the Trinity was an unbelievable gift. Robin and I walked back up to where we left our lunch and glanced up the river. Not even fifty yards away sat two topless young women drinking beers. These were not the stinky hairy green creatures I was expecting.  I glanced at Robin then immediately back up the river. I honestly thought I was hallucinating. We both glanced up the river intermittently trying not to get caught. Our luck didn’t last forever. Instead of putting clothing on, the two girls invited us to come chill with them. For the remainder of the afternoon we exchanged stories and just chilled. For god sakes we already had them topless, we didn’t want to move too fast!

We are taking a couple days rest, and will be back on our bikes on Tuesday! We are stoked to have two new hoodlums join us for a week or two. Both my Dad Tyrone, and Abe’s girlfriend Chanel are stoked to hit the road and join this motley crew! Although we will not have service for a couple days, we will try and keep the blog up to date soon!! Thanks again for staying posted. Also, hope you enjoy this short video edit from the last week. Stay up and get outside!!


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