Day 2/3

And they’re off! Abe & Robin have successfully started their journey. I caught up with them in Quincy, CA on Sunday afternoon (by car, of course). I was surprised to see how much gear they were actually carrying- at least 150lbs of extra stuff EACH. With all their supplies, trailers, surfboards, saddlebags, and water, I could barely push the weighed down bikes. I can’t imagine actually riding those things. (Especially with the Tibetan prayer flags fluttering behind Abe’s trailer.)

When I saw them, Abe & Bob had journeyed just over 118 miles on HWY 89 to HWY 36. Friday night they camped in Truckee, CA. On Saturday, they made it to Graegle Campground. Their next stop for Sunday night was Lake Almanor. Tonight (Monday) the plan is to make it to Mineral, CA (wherever that is…).

The boys seemed to be in great spirits, and a lot less exhausted than I expected. They shared a story with me about a man they had met right after they took off from Tahoe who was on his way back from Vancouver to San Diego on a bike with over 40,000 miles on it. It made me a little nervous how impressed they were with the idea of having THAT many miles on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Abe and Robin will make an update as soon as they find an internet source (they thought they would be able to find an “internet cafe” in Quincy, yeah right). They asked me to make this first update and let everyone know that everything is going smoothly, and they will ride on!

Kate (the sister)


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