Biking Around the Lake!

This week, I  finished up work, moved out of my apartment and moved up to Tahoe to begin on the the bike trip with Abe. Fortunately, before I left, I was able to spend an awesome weekend at the Feather River Kayaking with my friends Ben, Allen, Ruth and Strauss! We kayaked on the Lobin/Tobin stretches, launching waterfalls, soaking in some rays, and eating good food at our camp on the river. It was said to say goodbye to all my friends at Stanford, but amazing to have had such a good year with such great friends. Thanks guys!!!

In pursuit of big waves, tacos, and cute girls the beach, Abe and I became very motivated yesterday to go on a long training ride. Starting at 7:00 Am, we biked from Abe’s place in South Lake Tahoe and circumnavigated (fancy word for biking in a big circle) Lake Tahoe, also known as “Big Blue”. After almost loosing my fingers to the early morning bitter cold, we began climbing, past Emerald Bay and onto the West Shore. While cruising along, I heard a loud honk from a big truck coming our way. I immediately looked up and waved, expecting a friendly face and a wave back. Unfortunately, as the truck roared by, all we received was the bird. I burst out laughing! For some reason I found the unfounded malevolence towards us to be very comical. Anyway, we continued or giant circle, ending up in Zephyr Cove on the East Shore, where we had lunch and played several games of volleyball in the sun!

After solidifying out daily sunburn on the beach, we rolled out of Zephyr Cove into South Lake Tahoe to make some adjustments on our bikes! Fortunately for us, Abe works at a Bike and Ski shop called Sports LTD! This local shop is absolutely incredible! For skis, bikes, wake boards, climbing gear, and clothing, Sports LTD has it all! The friendly and knowledgeable staff have been absolutely essential, helping Abe and I get prepared for our trip! Thanks Sports LTD for everything!! After leaving the shop, we blasted home, cooked some Thai Food, and passed out ugly, feeling the aches and pains of our day’s adventure!! Super good first day in Tahoe for sure! We are working hard making last minute plans and will keep you up to date on our departure later next week! Stay posted!!


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