Naps or Coffee?

There is a formidable debate between nap takers and coffee drinkersover the best way to overcome the mid-day slump. Post lunch time, around 2 or 3PM arrives the ever so dreaded mid day slump, characterized by slurred note taking, the head nod, or even the desktop knockout. The coffee drinker will often pregame before a big 2PM meeting by taking down a double shot latte or a Carmel macchiato to bring back the focus and to battle the afternoon sleep monster.Depending upon one’s occupation, the nap taker may have the opportunity to fight the beast by taking a post lunch snooze, siesta, or shavasana. This is common in many places in the world; however, very rare in corporate America.

In my case, I neither drink coffee nor have the opportunity to take a daily nap!This has resulted in a variety of post lunch sleeping incidences starting as early as high school. At one point, I was so tired I put my head down on my desk in science class. The not so stoked professor brought the class’s attention to my situation because I started snoring. To strike fear into the hearts of my classmates, she slammed down a 500 page textbook next to my dome and sent me flying out of my seat! In another tragic incident, I fell asleep daily in a history class, where the teacher turned the lights off and lectured from a slide projector. The combination or the heat, the buzz of the projector and his slow/monotone Texas accent resulted in an absolute nightmare trying to stay awake. My constant head nods started to freak out the girl sitting next to me (probably thought I was having a seizure…everyday), so  I decided to pass out as soon as the lights went off. Unfortunately, my teacher caught on to my scheme and confronted me in class. I was so tired, and his accent so sleep inspiring that I was unable to wakeup even with him standing right in front of me.

In more recent times, I have a summer internship in San Francisco, which inspired similar results. Although I really like the work, I have trouble in the afternoon slump. My new trick, which is neither a nap nor coffee has worked like a charm and kept me awake daily. We call it business boot camp in the office. It is a 10 minute power workout that we do in the middle of the office every day around 2 PM. Here it is; enjoy!!

40 crunches

20 Leg lowers (Lay on back, lift strait legs up and down)

10 pushups

30 Second Abs hold (lay on your back, hold feet and chest
off the ground)

40 Crunches

10 pushups

40 Crunches

40 side crunches (both right side and left side)

20 Leg lowers


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