Repair Kit and Bike Nutrition

Hey Yall!! Abe and I are getting down to crunch time! With a planned departure somewhere at the beginning of September, we have been busy planning routes, buying gear, building surf racks, and making alterations to our bikes. Abe has been busy welding bike racks and working at his local bike shop putting together a  repair kit to withstand a hurricane, a train wreck, a mudslide, two base jumps, and a decent of off a cliff into the sea (all of which might possibly occur on this trip). But seriously, we need to prepare to fix anything that might go wrong on the road (broken spokes, bent rims, flat tires….) with the tools we pack with us. Here is a tentative list in our kit: hit me up if you have any other ideas!!

The Elixir of Life Bike Repair Kit

  • Tire levers/patch kit
  • 4 spare tubes and tire
  •  Mini-pump
  • Blue Loctite (keeps bolts in tightly)
  • Electrical tape
  • Spoke wrench
  • Spare spokes
  • Allen wrenches
  • Screwdriver
  • Chain tool
  • Small triangular file
  • Small vice grips
  • Brake cable
  • Bike Spanners
  • Derailleur cable
  • Extra nuts, bolts, and wire (particularly for racks)
  •  Assorted plastic zip ties
  •  Small chain lube and rag
  •  Hoseclamp
  • Spare brake pads
  • Duct tape
  •  Old Tooth Brushes

Abe is on top of the kit; while I have been working on food/nutrition stuff. The key here is to have light-weight, high nutrient, sanitary food, and clean water. Although food stands and markets will be abundant, we are going to be biking through areas without any amenities for several hundred miles. We are happy to have the company, The Naked Edge, as a partner in crime, helping us with light-weight, nutrient packed snacks. These dehydrated snacks will be great, fast power to help us crank when we need to push a couple extra miles! They have hooked us up with

  • Sweet Potato Pie
  • Cinnamon Spiced Beet
  • Carrot Ginger Crisps
  • Mountain Berry Spinach
  • Mulled Wine
  • Sweet Pea Green Tea


Also, I have been in contact with Hammer Nutrition, who will be providing us with their carbohydrate/electrolyte mix “Heed”, which is a low sugar mix that packs vitamins and minerals to maximize energy and minimize lactic build up. This is especially key if we are going to hop off our bikes after 6 hours and jump into the ocean for a surf. Stoked!!

In addition, I’m planning to bring a slew of probars, cliffbars, multivitamins,  Glucosamine/MSM (for joints) and my own stellar dehydrated veggie blend! With that said, I am also looking forward to months of rice, beans, guacamole, and salsa!! Que Rico!!! Concerning water purification, I have been doing a lot of research lately! I had an old employee at REI actually laugh at me because of my poor knowledge on the subject. I went in several weeks ago with my old MSR Water Works looking to get if fixed. I had just failed miserably trying to filter water on a backpacking trip with my Dad in Yosemite. On our first day, it took me over an hour to filter one nalgene. Frustrated, we boiled water the rest of the time, and I stormed in to REI demanding an explanation. “You have never cleaned it!!??” scoffed the REI employee! “No” I said. “I’m not supposed to clean it, its supposed to clean my water”. I did not actually say that, but I might as well have! In any case, I learned a lot about water filtration and purification. First, she told me that my old filter did need in deed need to be cleaned….probably five years ago. As a result it was  completely shot and needed to be replaced. Her recommendation was the First Need Deluxe Water Purifier, which is often used by wilderness EMT’s and on expedition trips. Having a purifier over a filter in Mexico is a must, because the purifier effectively guards against cryptosporidia, bacteria and viruses, where as the filter only guards against bacteria. It was also recommended to me to have a backup system. I will definitely bring Chlorine Dioxide Tablets and possibly an ultra violet purifier like the SteriPEN. Let me know if you have any ideas!!! Stay posted for planning updates soon!!

Also, here is some fun Eye Candy of Abe’s Bike and my recent trip to Yosemite with my good buddy Trent!!


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