Amazing People!!

I have always thought that one of the coolest parts about biking, is the wonderful community and friendly people. Ask anyone who has gone on a long bike ride and they will tell you about the amazing people they meet and the kindness they experience. It is the perfect example of Karma in Action. My buddy Brody experienced this on multiple accounts on his cross country ride from Montana to Ohio, staying with multiple families, who invited him to stay and eat in their homes. In one case, a family made him dinner, and a pack lunch for the next day! This was also the case for my dad and I, when we biked from Montana to Utah. At one point, we were invited by a employee at Safeway in Blackfoot Idaho to stay with him and his dog in their Trailer! Since we already had our camp set up, we declined; however, it was a very kind gesture.

I experienced this type of kindness today, when I went to a local bike shop called the Bicycle Outfitters in Los Altos, CA. All week, I have been going to different shops, checking out different racks, tires, locks, and other parts. Until today, I did not have the best of luck; experiencing poor customer service in several locations. While at the Mountain View REI looking for gear, a salesman told me that I needed to go the the Bicycle Outfitter in Los Altos and talk to the Manager Dave for all things related to bike touring. Today, I decided to bike over and check it out! Before talking to Dave, I had multiple friendly salespeople come up and talk to me, asking if they could help answer any questions or point me in the right direction. As soon as I started talking to Dave, I realized why he was so highly recommended. For over 20 minutes, Dave gave me the lowdown on bike touring, giving me advice on gear, touring logistics, and adventure in general. I was inspired by his stories about biking across the US in the 70’s sleeping in empty school buildings in Montana, and fixing bikes for a crew of 30 bikers. Dave even offered to  teach me more about technical bike repairs and to make some connections for me in Central America. Thanks Dave!! It is always a great reminder that there are such nice people out there.



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