Matching bikes!

One of my best friends in the whole world has given me a quote to remember “The best way to travel is to take a leap of faith”

This trip started out as a dream that I didn’t think possible. Over the last month or so it has become a possibility. The idea of getting on a bike loaded full of the gear that one will need for months to come is a mind boggling logistical challenge. Did I mention we each will be towing a trailer full of surfboards, wetsuits, and who knows what else.

Yesterday I ordered Robin’s new bike! We will both be riding Long Haul Truckers with 26” wheels. The idea of riding the same bike seemed like a brilliant idea because we will be traveling in multiple foreign countries and finding bike parts could be a complete nightmare. I believe that the mindset throughout our entire trip will also be better being on the same bike. If Robin is getting out pedaled he will know it is not the bike and it is himself! haha We will be able to take parts down for one bike instead of each having to carry parts for different bikes. We will also be pulling bob trailers. Who knows how this will go! 

Over the next few short and busy months Robin and I have endless planning. Each day that passes brings more hope that this trip will actually go down. We are going on an epic bike ride through Central America and if that wasn’t enough we are going to surf the whole way down!



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